Contact Information

  • Institute: CY Cergy Paris University
  • Address: Bureau 583, B√Ętiment A, Site Saint Martin, 2 av. Adolphe Chauvin, Pontoise 95000 France
  • Email: aikaterini.tzompanaki [at] cyu [dot] fr



Developers often find themselves in front of unexpected results when they apply transformations to source data. In order to overcome this problem they get involved into analyze-fix-test cycles till they can generate the desired results. The goal of Nautilus is to support developers in this process, by providing a suite of algorithms and tools to accompany the process.

I was involved mainly on the Explanation Manager Component, that aims to support the Analyze phase. Particulary, I worked on the 'why-not provenance' which provides explanations about results that were expected but are missing from the result set.

3D-COFORM:Tools and Expertise for 3D Collection Formation

The 3D-COFORM consortium has one over-riding aim: to establish 3D documentation as an affordable, practical and effective mechanism for long term documentation of tangible cultural heritage. The project addresses all aspects of 3D-capture, 3D-processing, the semantics of shape, material properties, metadata and provenance, integration with other sources (textual and other media); search, research and dissemination to the public and professional alike.

I was practically involved in the design and documentation phase of the project, concerning the repositories (Object and Metadata Repositories). Later, I worked on the implementation of the Metadata Repository and the Repository Infrastructure (RI) as a software engineer. As a research assistant, I worked on the "Query Formulation Component" of the "Integrated Viewer and Browsing Component" building also complementary software.