Contact Information

  • University: CY Cergy Paris University
  • Laboratory: MIDI Team, ETIS
  • Address: Bureau 583, Bâtiment A, Site Saint Martin, 2 av. Adolphe Chauvin, Pontoise 95000 France
  • Email: aikaterini [dot] tzompanaki [at] cyu [dot] fr
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Open positions

Contact me for internship/PhD/Post-Doc or engineering opportunities on Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Databases!

About me

Since September 2016, I am an associate professor (Maitre de Conferences) at the CY Cergy Paris University. I am the co-responsible of the Master 1 and the Professional Master 2 Programm IISC, while I am also affiliated with the MIDI team of the ETIS laboratory. My current research interests are in the field of data provenance, model explainability, and data privacy.

Previously, I did a short post-doc in the DbWeb team of Telecom ParisTech, working with Fabian Suchanek on information extraction.

I defended my doctoral thesis with title "Query debugging and fixing to recover missing query results" (pdf) in December 2015. I conducted my PhD research at the University Paris-Sud XI and at the laboratory LRI, in the LaHDAK team. My PhD supervisors were Nicole Bidoit and Melanie Herschel. I was also member of the OAK Project of INRIA Saclay.

I did my master studies on Information Systems, namely on the Semantic Web, in the Computer Science Department (CSD) of the University of Crete (UOC) and the Information Systems Laboratory (ISL) of FORTH-ICS under the supervision of Martin Doerr. Before that, I have also worked as engineer at the same laboratory. I received my Electrical and Computer Science Engineering diploma from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, of the National Technical University of Athens (ECE-NTUA).

My origin is from Moires, in the beautiful island of Crete in Greece.