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Claudio Weidmann - Research

Claudio Weidmann
6 avenue du Ponceau
CS 20707 Cergy
95014 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex
Tel: (+33) 1 30 73 62 88
Fax: (+33) 1 30 73 66 27
email: claudio dot weidmann at ensea dot fr

Research in applied digital information theory

- Meta-information coding and synchronization strategies for named data networking (NDN, an instance of information-centric networking, ICN). Joint work with Cédric Adjih (INRIA INFINE) and Michel Kieffer (L2S-CentraleSupélec).
- Joint source-channel codes (Shannon mappings) that perform well under varying channel conditions. In relation with earlier work on robust (e.g. constant rate loss) joint source-channel coding strategies for the Gaussian broadcast channel.

Past work

- Characterization of the Voronoi cells of binary (convolutional) codes under Hamming metric, with applications to practical coded side information schemes (part of the PhD thesis of Anne Savard, now at iemn/IMT Lille ).
- Distance spectra and code constructions for variable-length finite-state joint source-channel codes (in collaboration with Amadou Diallo and Michel Kieffer, LSS-CNRS-Supelec, as well as Hassan Hijazi and Leo Liberti, LIX - Ecole Polytechnique).
- Wyner-Ziv coding with intermittent and degraded side information: theoretical bounds and different practical schemes, based on linear precoding and Bayesian matching pursuit decoding, alternatively, based on scalar quantization and Slepian-Wolf codes for a q-ary symmetric correlation channel (in collaboration with Francesca Bassi and Michel Kieffer, LSS-CNRS-Supelec).
- Coding schemes for the q-ary symmetric channel based on binary LDPC codes (in collaboration with Gottfried Lechner, ITR-UniSA).
- Connections between Wyner-Ziv coding with variable (sparse) correlating noise, compressed sensing and coding for the q-ary symmetric channel.

Research at ftw. (2003-09)

- Distortion-minimizing scheduling of UMTS video (in collaboration with Olivia Nemethova, Vienna Univ. of Technology)
- Distance spectra and code constructions for joint source-channel codes based on arithmetic coding (in collaboration with Salma Ben-Jamaa and Michel Kieffer, LSS-CNRS-Supelec).
- Iterative decoding of multiple description codes (in collaboration with Morten Holm Larsen, Aalborg University, and Michel Kieffer, LSS-CNRS-Supelec)
- Sequential decoding of H.264 video (in collaboration with Olivia Nemethova, Vienna Univ. of Technology)
- Iterative joint source-channel decoding (in collaboration with Pierre Siohan, France Telecom R&D)

Research at IRISA (2002)
Joint source-channel decoding of variable length codes:
- distance properties of uniquely decodable codes
- complexity reduction
- (iterative) on-line estimation of source statistics

Research at EPFL (1996-2001)
- Lossy compression of sparse sources
- Ph.D. thesis: Oligoquantization in Low-Rate Lossy Source Coding
- Arithmetic coding for noisy channels
- Rate distortion analysis of spike processes
- Error-resilient coding of discrete sources
- Image compression with multiwavelets
- Sequential embedding of side-information
- Soft caching: A new cache management technique for the Web