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PINOBO : A bio-inspired compliant robot

Exemple de sobriété robotique : minimiser les composants mécaniques, électroniques et calculatoires grâce à l'intelligence bio-inspirée.

Full body pinobo Full body work in progress

Head 1D totally silent version inspired from sternomastoid muscles

Disclaimer: these videos show only the mechanical aspect of the neck. The command system is minimal and purely reactive. We are working on systems which auto-calibrate themselves.

Web interface and accelerometer on tablet

Wireless web interface and object tracking

Version of Living Machine 2018

Article: The Neck of Pinobo, a Low-cost Compliant Robot


Keyboard control

A sequence of commands for yaw, pitch and roll movements. You can download the corresponding command sequence and sensor records. The files contain the values of the yaw, pitch and roll sensors in tab-separated values at the refresh rate of 100Hz with the absolute time in µs as the first column.



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